Walking in Burythorpe – a guide to popular hikes out in the countryside

Walking in and around Burythorpe

Burythorpe is a lovely rural village just 5 minutes outside of Malton, surrounded by farmland and blessed with pockets of woodland to add texture to your walks. Burythorpe is also very dog friendly, so your dog will get to enjoy your walk right alongside you.

Head up to the church

Burythorpe Church View

The church can be seen perched upon a hill from every direction, the path up to the top is found in the middle of the village. Walk up the path and enjoy the view. 

There is a well trodden footpath along the side of the church and down the side of a farmers field which takes you to a road at the far side. You can then turn left and walk back into the village – or turn around and come back the way you came. (Please stay on the footpath).

There is a bench with a fabulous view in the churchyard, pop through the gate and you’ll find it around the side. I sometimes take a flask of tea – it really is lovely.

Past the donkeys

Burythorpe Church View

There’s a lovely walk that passes through ‘the donkey place’ – a sign warns you about trespassing – this means stay on the designated path to keep the donkeys safe.

Up the hill and into the woods

Burythorpe Church View

This is my favourite route when I go for a short run. In the middle of the village (opposite the turning up to the church) there’s a road that passes down the side of the village hall – it takes you towards Birdsall and there’s a hill up through the woods. There are a lot of dog walkers up there taking their dogs through the trees. I usually turn back because I’m a rubbish runner – but you can keep going all the way up through to the turning to Birdsall.

A note about off leash walking...

Ask any dog walker in the village and they’ll likely tell you anywhere can be ‘off-leash’ – please be aware that the area is agricultural and you need to use your judgement to assess the safety of your environment.

From a farmers perspective, a dog can be difficult to see when driving large agricultural machinery. For the safety of your fur baby, don’t stray onto parts of fields that are not designated footpath.

Wishing you wonderful (and safe) walkies 🐾

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