Inclusivity Promise

All humans welcome

Our Inclusivity Promise

Hi, Gemma here *imagine me waving gawkishly at you*  I’m the host and chief question answer-er here at Kingfisher and Yew. 

As I see it, Inclusivity refers to the practice of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. It involves creating environments, communities, and systems that embrace diversity and ensure all humans feel valued, respected, and empowered to participate fully. 

Inclusivity recognizes and celebrates differences in identity, background, perspectives, and abilities, striving to remove barriers to access and participation for everyone. It encompasses a commitment to equity, fairness, and social justice, promoting equal opportunities and representation for all members of society. Inclusivity is not just about tolerance, but about actively embracing and supporting the richness of human diversity in all its forms.

In our little pocket of beautiful Yorkshire countryside, we are striving to create safe spaces where every person who stays with us is celebrated for who they are, and the unique perspectives and experiences they bring. My husband (Andrew) and I love this area so much we want everyone to have the opportunity to come here and explore while feeling safe and welcome. Everyone deserves to relax while listening to the birds, eating macarons from the award-winning patissier in Malton, and maybe tasting one of the wines from the vineyard in the next village. 

As part of our work towards being the best hosts we can be, we have come to realise that when some people travel they may struggle to enjoy a stay away from home because they experience a number of barriers which may include (and are of course not limited to):

  • Language barriers
  • Physical accessibility
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Religious considerations
  • Cultural differences
  • Gender inclusivity
  • Mental health considerations

And this is fundamentally wrong. ← My very binary opinon on all of this 😆 


We know we cannot change all of society, but we can do what we can within our business and within our very warm and welcoming community to make our spaces feel as safe and accessible as we can. 

Here is what we are currently doing to try to achieve our safe and welcoming space goals:

We are working with an LGBTIAQ+ consultant to get support, and we are implementing changes in how we market and behave daily in our business so we can more effectively champion safer spaces and build a more inclusive environment.

We are looking at ways to work within the confines of our Grade II Listing restrictions to increase accessibility to those who need more space and/or use mobility aids.

We are actively reaching out to local businesses to build more partnerships and raise awareness of safe spaces for people. One way we are currently doing this is by adding LBQT to our food, drink and event guides. We already include vegan, gluten-free and dog-friendly notes. This adds to our current efforts to help people enjoy their stay with less effort, and less risk.

We are actively building collaborative partnerships with businesses owned by members of marginalised groups in our locality (yes, message me your suggestions if you have any!).

We are adding consideration of faith-based holidays and requirements into our website and AirBnB listings and asking for feedback from friends and family.

We have added translation tools into our website and added QR code links from the paper welcome guides so they can easily be translated.

In the pipeline:

Future projects we have lined up include adding additional details to support people living with ADHD, autism and other health challenges.

Leading with an accessibility-first attitude to any future cabin/cottage/ renovation to be able to offer wheelchair friendly (ideally enjoyable) accommodation. 

In conclusion

We understand that inclusion is a journey and adventure that involves personal growth and development. We invite you to work with us in this process and also ask for grace if we get it wrong. We are trying, and your feedback will really help us achieve our goal of creating a truly safe space.


With warmth and kindness,