How to Nespresso

How to work the Nespresso machine

Choose your Starbucks pod
There are four different types of pods from Starbucks. The names and flavours are printed on the base.
Lift the silver flap on the top of the machine
You’ll see a pod shaped hole to slot your pod into, place your pod inside and close the lid.
Make sure there is water
At the back of the coffee machine is a plastic container for fresh water. You’ll need to fill this before you ask the machine for coffee. It should easily clip out if you pull it.
Choose your size
There are two buttons, one on either side of the machine. One makes an expresso, one makes a longer coffee. Place your cup underneath the spout (there are espresso cups in the dresser) and press the button that suits your preference.
Optional: Frothy milk
The cylindrical device next to the coffee machine is the milk brother. You can froth cold, or have the machine heat it for you. This clips off so you can easily fill it with milk. Once you’ve added milk, clip back on and press the button which is located on the jug itself…make sure the lid is on! This will heat and froth the milk.

Tip: If the button light on the milk brother is green, it’s on cold froth mode. For hot milk the button should turn red. Simply hold the button for a couple of seconds to switch modes.