How to use the hot tub

How to work the hot tub

On arrival / firing up the stove

You'll find your first fire already made. Simply light the fire using the lighters you'll find in the bottom drawer of the dresser.

Building the fire
If you are making your next fire, break the tubular logs in half and place them inside the burner, surround them with natural firelighters (also in the French dresser).
Do not use paper
Paper creates ash fallout from the chimney which you won’t enjoy, and may cause burns. You’ll find a box full of natural firelighters in the French dresser.
Add logs (full woodshed provided)
Build up your logs around the flammable core – ensuring air can circulate. The stove is surprisingly deep, so don’t be afraid to throw wood back there!
Pull out the ash drawer
We find opening the ash drawer slightly improves air flow. Be careful, this may be hot.
Make sure the hot tub lid is closed
If you leave the lid off it will take much longer to heat. No one wants that. And also bugs….

Adjusting the temperature

There is no thermostat, the temperature of the water is controlled by the heat from the fire.

In the first 30 minutes
The fire is roaring as you start, feed the fire generously for the first 30 minutes, in ours I check it every 10 minutes. Once the chill is off the water it starts to heat quickly.
Up to 2 hours
Feed the fire as needed, you can lift the lid to test the temperature. I find turning the bubbles on (one of the silver buttons) helps shift any cooler pockets at the base of the tub and gives a more accurate read on the temperature.
Once you're at temperature
Obviously you’ll want to get in… it is so lovely having warm water feeding through – keeping the tub hot even when the air is cold. You’ll want the fire burning, but not roaring like you did at the beginning. Closing the ash tray will help decrease the burn.
Drats! You got waylaid and it's too hot!
Alas, you got carried away in the kitchen and the water is too hot, there is only one way to cool down the tub. Taking the lid off and having mucho patience, or using the hosepipe to add cold water.

Using the hot tub

There are two silver buttons. One controls the bubbles, one controls the light for an atmospheric evening ambience.
It is essential to stay hydrated when using the hot tub, you’ll find a wooden tray at the back of the tub, by the lavender. Use plastic ‘glassware’ as broken glass and hot tubs are obviously a terrible mix.
If you have any questions call Andrew 07976-899-504 anytime until 9ish, you can also call me if its earlier (Gemma) 07966-842-879
Hot tub Burythorpe

Hot tub safety notes

The stove and flue get hot!
When heating the hot tub, do not touch or get too close to the stove and the flue which can become very hot.
Never leave the fire unattended
Never leave the hot tub unattended when the fire is lit. If you must leave the hot tub, ensure that the fire has been extinguished and that the hot tub is secured with a hard top cover.
Fire extinguisher (by the key box)
You have a certified fire-extinguisher next to the hot tub located to the right below the keybox.
Keep towels and other flammables away from the stove/ flue
Towels and other flammable objects to be kept away from stove/flue. Towel hooks have been provided on the trellis.
No access to children under 16
^^^ strictly over 16’s only.
Bathe with company
Bathing alone increases risk. If your partner doesn’t want to get in, encourage them to unwind where they can see you.
Max 5 people in the tub
It’s a six man tub but it gets squishy around 4/5 people so do not exceed 5 people.
Enter and exit slowly
Always enter and exit the hot tub slowly, as the plastic surface of the vat may be slippery.
No jumping!
Never jump in the hot tub or subject it to other unintended loads, as this may cause personal injury as well as damage to the hot tub.
Maintain a safe temperature
To prevent dehydration and/or heat-related illness when using the hot tub, keep the bathing water temperature below +39°C and drink water regularly. Always check the bathing water temperature with your hand before entering.
Check with your doctor first
Pregnant women, and anyone with health conditions requiring medical care should consult a doctor before using the hot tub.
The hot tub should not be used under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, drugs and/or medication.
Maintain the minimum water level
When heating, the hot tub must always be filled with water, at a minimum level of 10 cm over the upper stove circulation opening.
Hot water inlet is hot
The heated water enters the hot tub via the upper stove circulation opening, you can feel the heated water enter. If you have a larger fire, this water will be hot. Take care.