How to heat things


Hot water is on-demand

If the water is not hot, run the tap for a minute or two to give the boiler time to catch up. There is a boost function on the thermostat in the kitchen, but you shouldn't not need to use it.

Underfloor heating

The underfloor heating responds to the temperature set on the thermostat. If you want it on, turn up the thermostat. This will set a new temperature to set a new warmer temperature for the cottage so remember to turn in back down again later if you get too hot!

Heated towel rail

The towel rail is connected to the heating. If the cottage is warm, then the towel rail will not be on. If you want the towel rail to turn on, all you need to do is turn up the temperature on the thermostat. Simply turn it to the right to turn up the heating.

The Log burner

You’ll find your first fire set and ready for lighting. The lighter is kept in the bottom drawer of the dresser. If you have not used a wood burner before, take a photo of the set up before you light the fire so you know how to replicate it next time. Be careful when loading additional logs, the fire can get hot.